Printers / (Bubble jet / Laser / Phase) /  Monitors (LG / Viewsonic / IBM / Dell / Hewlett Packard / Sony / More) / Scanners (Flat bed  / Hand held) / CD Burners / DVD Roms & DVD R/W +/- / Zip Drives / Removable HDD Cases INTERNAL & EXTERNAL/ Speakers / Internet Keyboards / Mouse / Optical Mouse / Ethernet Cards / Modems / Video Cards / Sound Cards / LG / Viewsonic / IBM / Dell / Hewlett Packard / Sony / Digital Cameras (Web / Portable) More

CDRW  & DVD RW +/- Burners Many CDRW & DVDRW +/-  burners are available by APC4U and can be of different speeds so please do ask us about them to meet your requirements there are many uses for them including backing up your hard drives and family movies or video editing

DVD ROMS as with CDRW & DVDRW +/-  many Brands and speeds are available and should be talked about at the time of purchase.

ZIP drives are also another way of being able to Backup your Data on your Hard drive and also to be able to save data that is needed on other computer in other offices across town or at home. Please do discuss them with us to help with your needs

Removable Hard Disk Case Cradles are a GREAT idea for being able to save all your work and just slide it out and take it with you when ever and where ever you need (Highly recommended!!!)


All other parts including Speakers, Mouse, Digital optical Mouse and Keyboards etc, are also available through APC4U and should be asked if needed all at Great prices!

Ethernet cards and Modem cards are all in stock at APC4U and should be asked if needed as we can help you

Video and sound cards are all available through APC4U and a full range from the office p.c. user through to the most highly sought after High end Game Market stock too.

Fast Printing
14 pags a minute printing speed for super efficient output

Built in Duplex Feature
Saves paper costs by double sided printing

Superb Print Quality
600 x 600 dpi printing resolution for clear crisp images

Email Print Software
Automatically print received mail


All your Printing needs are Sold through APC4U also including Bubble jet printers and Laser printers and the new Phase printers also refill packs for your ink are sold through APC4U. A Full repair service is also here for you at APC4U so please do Contact us for your needs.

A full range of scanners are sold through APC4U and we have many Brands available to you from the flat bed to the hand held through to the new text reading pens Please do ask for further details.

All monitors are sold through us and also serviced through us and we highly recommend the LG brand but we have Many brands in stock too from 14 in through the range of 15 in / 17 in / 19 in  / 21 in  also the new flat screen and LCD screens. Please do ask us if we can help you.

A range of cameras are sold through APC4U including web cameras for the top of your computer through to the top of the line digital camera for the field that you can even take movie with!! Talk to us if we can help further.

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